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About Donald R. Kuhn

Donald R. Kuhn Juvenile Diagnostic and Detention Center


While the majority of this facility is a diagnostic center for Southern West Virginia, this facility maintains 10 hardware secure detention beds primarily for Boone, Logan, Lincoln, Mingo and Logan counties. It can house detention residents from any of West Virginia’s 55 counties as the need allows. It is located in Boone County.
Hardware secure detention centers are for youth who have been charged with a crime which would be punishable by incarceration if committed by an adult. These facilities offer a highly secure environment which includes locked doors, a highly structured environment as well as a fenced recreation area. These facilities are intended to house West Virginia’s most violent offenders and are intended to protect the youth as well as the community at large.
All hardware secure detention centers offer the following:
Individual and group counseling based on high risk/high need as identified by the Youth Level of Service/Case Management Inventory (or the adult version, Level of Service/Case Management Inventory for offenders age 17 and older)
Other assessments are administered if needed based on the results of the YLS/CMI
From this information, a comprehensive service is developed with identified goals and objectives. 
Case Management services are provided to every resident
Medical and psychiatric services, if needed, are provided
A therapeutic recreation program is an integral part of the treatment process
The Department of Education, OIEP, offers a full day of academic services. Youth can work on middle school/high school credit or Pre-GED work. Some youth may take the GED while in placement
Families are able to visit every weekend with their resident and have access to facility counselors. This encourages families to continue their involvement in their child’s treatment program.
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