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About the Kenneth Honey Rubenstein Juvenile Center

West Virginia Industrial Home for Youth

Dan Dilly, Acting Superintendent
Mary Sagace, Business Manager
Major Brad Siler, Chief Correctional Officer
Dan Dilly, Director of Treatment and Programs 

This “state-of-the-art” facility provides the opportunity for a new vision of juvenile justice in West Virginia. The Kenneth “Honey” Rubenstein Juvenile Center will house the Governor’s Adolescent Leadership Academy (GALA). The GALA program takes the positive concepts of military regimentation and leadership, combining them with a cognitive therapeutic approach assisting youth in decision making, behavior management and other initiatives to promote positive productive citizenship.

One of the most distinguishing characteristics of the Leadership Academy is the premise of maintaining respect for oneself and others. Each day begins with physical training and cadence drills along with personal space and appearance inspections. The cadets walk in cadence to meals, academic classes, work assignments and other on-campus activities. The program emphasizes dressing for success and respect.
We take pride in our educational and vocational programs. The West Virginia Office of Institutional Education provides excellent academic and vocational programs including all the core courses that are offered in the regular high school programs throughout the state. Special Education students receive a curriculum based on their specific needs as identified in the IEP (Individual Education Plan). We presently offer vocational certification in welding, building construction trades and automotive repair.
We have dismissed the traditional “correctional” garment, furnishing the youth with synchronized khaki pants, polo shirts and outerwear. Blazers, dress shirts and ties are provided for general assemblies and special occasions.
Performance-based Standards (PbS) was launched by the US Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) in a nationwide effort to improve conditions of confinement and the quality of life for youths and work environment for staff in secure facilities. We had our first data reporting October 2012. At the end of the second data reporting period April 2013, we have completed Level 1 and the Candidacy Period of PbS. We are now on Level 2 of 4.


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The Tucker County School System presented Davis Center with the following plaques and certificate for outstanding community service.

Tucker County Athletic Department and Boosters

 Tucker County High School

Tucker County High School and Career Complex

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