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Kenneth Honey Rubenstein Juvenile Center

Tucker County
Dan Dilly, Juvenile Correctional Facility Superintendent

Dan Dilly, Acting Superintendent
Dan Dilly was born and raised in Tucker County, West
Virginia and graduated from Parsons High School in 1978. Mr. Dilly attended Fairmont State College and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Sociology in 1982.

Mr. Dilly has over thirty years in the correctional field. He began his career as a Corrections Counselor I on the Diagnostic and Classification Unit at Huttonsville Correctional Center in 1983. There he was assigned the duties of Institutional Parole Officer.

In 1984 Mr. Dilly transferred to the Davis Center a Juvenile Correctional Center in Davis, West Virginia; where he held positions of Counselor, Case Manager, Unit Manager, Acting Director of Education, Acting Maintenance Supervisor and Acting Operations Supervisor during the construction of the Kenneth “Honey” Rubenstein Juvenile Center. Upon the opening of the Kenneth “Honey” Rubenstein Juvenile Center, he was appointed as the Director of Treatment and Programs.

He has achieved numerous accomplishments including being elected as the President of the West Virginia Chapter of Southern States Correctional Association in 1994, President of the West Virginia Association of Correctional Employees in 2000, and President of the Southern States Correctional Association in 2005. In 2006, he was named to the Honorable Order of the Kentucky Colonels. Mr. Dilly served as the Acting Superintendent of the Kenneth “Honey” Rubenstein Center in 2013 and was appointed as the Juvenile Correctional Facility Superintendent in June 2014.

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Kenneth Honey Rubenstein Juvenile Center
141 Forestry Camp Road
Davis, WV 26260





Tucker County
Minimum Security & Corrections




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