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About the Sam Perdue Juvenile Center

Sam Perdue Juvenile Center



The Sam Perdue Juvenile “Gateway” Treatment Program is housed in a hardware secured facility located in Mercer County.
The Gateway Program is a 20-bed, residential treatment program for juvenile male sex offenders and is designed to provide quality care to individuals who have engaged in sexual offending behaviors, to assist them in managing their risk of sexually reoffending and to provide them the tools necessary to live a safe, healthy, and rewarding life.
The Program utilizes three Masters Level staff consisting of a Program Director responsible for clinical oversight of the Sex Offender Specific Program and two therapists who offer weekly Sex Offender Specific individual and group therapy sessions. In addition, the treatment team includes a Case Manager who is the legal liaison for the residents, a Corrections Counselor II and two Corrections Counselors I who assist the residents with organized recreation, personal phone calls, provide support, direction, and facilitate daily psycho-education groups such as life skills, substance abuse, team building, and anger management. Lastly, our security staff completes the direct care team, offering support and safety as we all strive to model the skills we teach our Residents on a daily basis.
The Residents are supervised 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure their safety and positive compliance with the program. Their day is highly structured and designed to present the Residents every opportunity to recognize their own strengths and barriers and to become responsible, accountable, and successful young men.
The West Virginia Department of Education provides services to residents at Sam Perdue Juvenile Center. The education department is staffed with a school counselor, regular educator, special educator, and a career tech instructor (TBA). The main goal for the education department is to meet all educational needs for our students. Students at SPJC will earn high school credits for all courses successfully completed. Younger students will focus on middle school curriculum for grade level advancement. In addition to core subjects offered,  Career, Life Skills, and LINKS curriculums provide  additional skills. The education department is also gearing up to offer career tech classes in HVAC as well as C-Tech. Post Graduate students interested in attending college  may  earn three hours of college credit by taking College 101 and then entry level college courses.
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